For generations, Dowis & Du Bois families farmed and raised cattle and hogs in Northwest Missouri. Currently, the Denham's live in Illinois.

After leaving Missouri Pat & Janice Du Bois Dowis raised Oranges for 40 years in Orange California. To date, the Dowis Ranch has registered over 100 Daylilies. In many of the names you will see reflections of the Dowis name, Midwest farming, and Oranges.

Dowis Ranch is 12 years-old now. Each year brings new joys and challenges. We learn as we go forward always relying on the family farming history and memories.


In July, Eric and Kendall had a great trip to Northeast Ohio for the regional 2 summer meeting. They toured 12 different gardens over three days. In one of the gardens, Eric found a little gem of a Daylilly by the name of "TOMMY" hybridized by Bill Vaughn in 1968. Kendall's favorite part of the regional was to see old friends and the gardens. She took over 500 pictures. She said before departure that she wished it was longer because she wanted to stay.


Also during bloom time, Eric and Bill made 4 trips to Leo Sharp's Brookwood Garden. Eric selected several seedlings to line out and possibly introduce at later date to honor Leo's work with Daylilies. These seedlings are something else! Eric's work with variegated Daylilies continues to surprise us all. Eric bloomed his first lavender flower with nice variegation, and he should see some toothy ones this year.


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