Hi! I'm Janell.

July 18, 2011

"History shows my parents and grandparents farming in  Northwest Missouri. As a child, I loved to "play in the dirt". My interests were outside. My mother loved flowers and won many prizes for her bouquets at organizations. I raise and sell Iris and Daylilies, and I'm "still playin' in the dirt!" My life has always had flowers, especially iris. We have here the iris that was grown on my parents place (I'm 73!) Eric has always been close to me, as in, he moved next door. The Daylilies and Iris attracted his attention and soon he met other daylily people and joined the Daylily Club. Walt Stackman peeked Eric's interest by giving him many Daylilies and showing him how to hyberdize the daylilies. Now there are many of Erics own introductions in the Daylily world. We still carry the family name - Dowis Ranch - and still "play in the dirt!"


Greetings, from the man of few words!

July 18, 2011

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